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At Walden, our goal is to help you reach yours. From your first inquiry about your online program, through every step in your studies, you can benefit from our wide range of student support services designed to help you succeed in attaining your online degree. Founded in 1970, WaldenUniversity is a global leader in student-centered online education. A regionally accredited institution in the United States, WaldenUniversity attracts a community of extraordinary students and faculty from around the world. Our quality online programs feature nationally recognized experts, accomplished faculty, and visionary leadership - all professionals who are dedicated to upholding the university's high academic standards. That vision meant rethinking a brick-and-mortar classroom to allow broader access through distance education.

Our proven track record in online higher education has grown our learning community to include more than 46,500 students and more than 61,000 alumni worldwide. Today, we continue to find new and innovative ways to support the unique needs of adult learners like you. Our online degree programs are developed to advance your knowledge and help you apply that knowledge in ways that impact your profession and your community.

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Three values - quality, integrity, and student-centered learning- are at the core of the university.