Online Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in Marketing: The Case for Education

If you’re serious about understanding commerce, markets, or even marketing your own business (becoming an entrepreneur), there is really no better training than getting an MBA focused in marketing. Not only does it prepare you for what would otherwise be a steep learning curve, but also, if you’re trying to raise money, an MBA school behind you provides credibility and commitment as well as providing a valuable network. Online education will make getting in the loop a lot more convenient and if you are interested in making yourself as marketable as possible, you should consider an education as the foundation of your qualifications.


Online Marketing Degrees: Stay Ahead of the Curve

A Online Degree Navigator Book Review

Moon, Youngme. 2010. Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd. New York, New York: Crown Publishing.

There have been so many people asking about this book. There has been a stir of excitement naturally because as far as most advertising goes, it’s all about keeping up with the Jones’- which makes every brand, pretty much the same as all the others. Ms. Moon teaches at Harvard University and starts us out by telling us just that, that when you go to purchase something, everything is pretty much the same. She said it’s because businesses keep impressive score cards on every business that does exactly what they do, and if some other brand has a feature that they don’t, they set about a course to get that feature committing man power and a lot of money. As a result, brand after brand looks and feels exactly the same and no company stands out.


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Why online MBA Programs are worthwhilebusinessman

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular graduate degrees, but what is exactly is an MBA? Why is it useful? The following are some reasons to attain an online MBA.