Online Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in Marketing: The Case for Education

If you’re serious about understanding commerce, markets, or even marketing your own business (becoming an entrepreneur), there is really no better training than getting an MBA focused in marketing. Not only does it prepare you for what would otherwise be a steep learning curve, but also, if you’re trying to raise money, an MBA school behind you provides credibility and commitment as well as providing a valuable network. Online education will make getting in the loop a lot more convenient and if you are interested in making yourself as marketable as possible, you should consider an education as the foundation of your qualifications.

Anyone can come out and tell you that you don’t need an MBA, but the truth is there are many, many careers where employers won’t even look at your skills if you don’t have an MBA, and in some cases, MBAs from the top schools. Furthermore, some of those MBA Wall Street jobs produced the seed money for talented entrepreneurs so they didn’t have to finance their companies with outrageously expensive venture capital. If you think getting an MBA is expensive, try paying back venture capital. If they don’t ask for a stratospheric interest rate, then they are going to want to own a big chunk of your company through stocks. Furthermore, you'll have to pay out thousands of dollars each month for a retainer fee to the company that helps you find the venture capital money in the first place!

In my case, I was part of a wildly successful software start up. We wanted all the employee owners to own the entire company without dilution so we agreed to pay an exorbitant amount on interest to keep all our shares. We borrowed 2 million and paid the venture capital firm back in 18 months. We paid them back 7 million with the interest that accrued. We then went on to sell the company and made 30 people multi-millionaires which never would have happened if they owned a lot our shares.

My advice? Get the MBA. If you can’t earn the all the money yourself, lots of class mates join forces and co-find businesses together. Like I said, MBA schools will provide the valuable connections to other people that you wouldn’t have met had you not been enrolled in school. These are real connections, not some random person you’re trying to connect to on social networks.

For the rest of us, education is always in fashion, and online education has democratized the method of receiving it. Harvard’s most famous drop out Bill Gates has come out praising online education as the way of the future and has put aside 9 million to award people that come up with the most promising innovations in online education. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are dedicated to helping people lead healthy and productive lives, especially those in developing countries. They believe that every life has equal value and by providing accessible, online education individuals have the opportunity to raise themselves out of poverty. [1] Online MBA programs offer unique solutions to so many timely issues. A good online MBA program will instruct in relevant and current business topics, and a focus in marketing will allow you to explore case studies that are constantly evolving to reflect the current marketplace.

A small sampling of jobs and average incomes of qualified MBAs with a concentration in marketing are qualified for are:

International Marketing Executive- $ 127,402 Global markets in the modern business world make this job very relevant. Marketing Executive-$118,387-Address target markets and their product offerings. Internet Marketing Director $116,030-Marketing as it relates to the internet.

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