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Why online MBA Programs are worthwhilebusinessman

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular graduate degrees, but what is exactly is an MBA? Why is it useful? The following are some reasons to attain an online MBA.

Develop and Sharpen Skills
An MBA teaches students how to analyze and look at problem/situation by using the skills and tools taught at the school such as cost analysis. Some typical classes cover the fields of economics, finance, management, accounting, and marketing. Other skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication are developed. All of these skills are applicable to almost all jobs. It comes as no surprise that people apply their MBAs to many fields from medicine to nonprofits to investment banking.

Network with other professionals
Undoubtedly, networking is integral when it comes to landing a better job or even achieving your dream. For example, a person who wants to open a nonprofit needs someone to fund the project. A MBA gives you access to the university’s alumni, connections, community, etc. Schools even attract recruiters who speak specifically to MBA students.

Change your career path.
One of the most popular reasons people get a MBA is to change the direction in their careers. Because MBAs teach valuable skills and provide students with invaluable connections, it is a perfect degree for switching careers. MBAs gain access to internships in an array of disciplines.

Increase your salary
According to GMAC's Global Management Education Graduate Survey for 2009, salaries of MBA program graduates increased by an average of 66%.

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