Master of Arts in Health Psychology

A Master of Arts in Psychology and Health Psychology is the study of the elements influencing psychology, physical health and illness. This master’s degree examines biology, psychology, behavior and social factors influence health and illness. Sometimes called, medical psychology, behavioral medicine or health psychology and a professional in these areas is vital to the health care industry.

Health Psychology professionals get degrees that have courses across a variety of disciplines and can double-major or minor in the hard sciences like biology or chemistry as an undergraduate. Having more qualifications will definitely put you in a position for gainful employment and will also lead you to your passion within healthcare. Becoming a champion for optimal health will also fulfill you emotionally and will be deeply satisfying.

According to the American Psychological Institution (APA) licensed psychologists earned an average of $80,000 per year. Health Psychologists can choose from a large range of employment options including colleges and universities, private practice, rehabilitation facilities, government agencies and mental health clinics.

With so much information literally at our finger tips thanks to the internet, it is surprising that so many people continue unhealthy activities and make poor food choices. The psychology behind why an individual may be the first step in changing those habits for the better.

There are many behavioral and psychological factors that impact overall physical well being and various medical conditions. Healthy habits and the prevention or reduction of unhealthy habits have a direct effect on an individual’s heath. In addition, Heath Psychologists also try and understand how people react, cope and recover from an illness. Furthermore, Psychologists are also interested in people’s coping mechanisms while they are under stress.

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