Online Psychology Degrees—A Way to Make a Difference


The martial arts discipline of Tae Kwon Do has long been associated with developing better focus, self defense and a heightened sense of respect for others and self. This internal regulation is beginning to be recognized as a way to manage autism and diseases like trichotillomania (hair pulling) in children.

Students of Tae Kwon Do have long repeated benefits like better grades and striving for excellence (it should be noted however, in this striving for excellence in Tae Kwon Do, humility is also stressed and the idea of perfection cannot be attained making it important for those children who are perfectionists). With discipline come physical fitness and other psychological positives such as better manners. With diseases such as trichotillomania, a sufferer will describe the desired goal to, “really feel something”. This aspect of Tae Kwon Do sparring beautifully translates to this intense, yet controlled feeling of physical contact that is so necessary to these diseases. For these kids even getting up and walking around provides relief. Also worth mentioning, the positive role of the higher belt teenagers has such a wonderful impact on these suffering kids. Often these children have delayed socialization skills and motor milestones and the socialization games within Tae Kwon Do provide huge benefits. Pursing an online degree translates into less time between beginning a Psychology degree and graduating to make a difference in all of the creative ways possible to treat patients.

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