Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding professionals serve as the intermediary to health care professionals, insurance companies and patients. Their service communicates with the insurance companies so that patient’s bills get paid and in turn the health care professionals are paid for their careful service.  Professionals in this field need to have an education and need to be well organized and with a solid foundation in the way modern health care is administered. The US Bureau of Labor statistics named Medical Billing and Coding as one of the fastest growing professions. The job prospects for this field are excellent and if you have strong computer skills, you’ll be in even higher demand earning upwards of $50,000.

Medical Billing and Coding is a complex system of international codes that use an alpha numeric coding system that identifies medical procedures such as a broken arm or diagnosing diseases. There are codes for each and every medical procedure and condition that’s administered including treatment outcomes and observations. Coding is used to bill insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid.  Coding professionals need to be very organized and extremely detail oriented. Providers want certified professionals that can guarantee that their work is error free. Once a bill has been coded, it is difficult to go back and change it.

There are several paths to go down if you want to become a Medical Billing and Coding professional.  It is possible to get an online certificate, or you can complete the degree programs that are available. Since you have to sit for the Medical Billing and Coding certification exam no matter what program you choose, it will be up to you as to what path of study you decide to take. Each program will have its own advantages. A certificate programs will generally be quicker and cheaper to complete, but a degree program will give you an extended education. A degree program will probably pay you a higher wage and advance you quicker.  Whatever program you decide, you’ll be entering into a field that is in high demand,  pays well, and is a significant contributor to the health care industry.

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