Online Criminal Justice Degree with a Major in Corrections

Do you have a passion for public service? Do the topics of criminality, delinquency, and social unrest fascinate you? Are you looking to further your career or start a new one? With the recent increased federal investment in homeland security and with the recent increase in academic requirements for criminal justice professionals, those with criminal justice degrees are in increasingly high demand, especially in the areas of corrections and administration, making today the perfect time to consider an online degree program in criminal justice.

Students of criminal justice study how to prevent crime and how to handle and rehabilitate those who have broken the law. Inasmuch, the curriculum typically includes a mix of psychology, sociology, humanities, and computer science, but curriculum does vary between different specializations within the field of criminal justice. Students may pursue degrees ranging from the associate's to doctorate levels, with most programs requiring 3 to 4 years of study.

While many employers require only a high-school diploma for some entry-level positions in criminal justice, thus providing the opportunity for real-world experience to beef up that resume, many employers also expect at least a bachelor's degree for higher positions (with accordingly higher salaries). There are several bachelors’ options in criminal justice, examples of which include majors in criminal justice corrections or criminal justice administration. Students with a focus in corrections learn about how to manage criminals following their arrest, correctional methods, public safety, inmate treatment, as well as overviews on counseling and rehabilitation. Students with a focus in administration learn ins and outs of organizational structure, leadership effectiveness, fiscal and resource management, and personnel training and development, a skill set aimed at success in the criminal justice field but also applicable to most any administrative career path.

With the growing demand for degree-carrying employees in the field of criminal justice, today may be the perfect time to pursue your criminal justice degree. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 17% increase in the number of correctional jobs needed over the next decade and most professionals make between $30,000 to $50,000 a year in their entry-level positions, with median salaries for all professionals being around $55,000. Click here for free information about online criminal justice degrees.

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