Online Paralegal Degree

Does the world of Law & Order fascinate you? Does your favorite movie list include 12 Angry Men, Scent of a Woman, and To Kill a Mockingbird? Do you love debating with your friends and relishing the victory of a well-proven point? If so, a career in law might be calling to you. While it is true that law students typically spend a lot of time and money on their education, the field isn't as inaccessible as you might think. Paralegal degrees are in high demand in the job market, and with the advent of online degree programs, earning one has never been more flexible.

Behind every good lawyer is a crack-team of paralegals, or legal assistants who help their firm's lawyers with every-day administrative, clerical, and research tasks in order to build each client's case. It is common for most entry-level paralegals to deal with mostly clerical tasks within the office, but they may also assume much greater responsibilities within the firm's team as they gain experience.

Degree options for paralegal students are fairly flexible, with some programs offering degrees in as little as 18 months. In the course of an online paralegal degree program, students gain the skills necessary to be hired to an entry-level job at a legal firm. This is especially encouraging considering that the demand for employees with paralegal degrees is projected to increase 27% through 2014. Factor in the fact that the average paralegal makes $50,000 a year (see the Department of Labor for salaries), and you'll be asking yourself why you're still reading this article instead of signing up for an online paralegal degree program ASAP!

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