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Historically, studying the humanities made you comfortable defending yourself in court, serving on juries or discussing military service in addition to acquiring proficiencies in literature, logic and rhetoric just to name a few. Today, getting an online degree in liberal arts will allow you to critically explore the social sciences at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Using comparative literature you will investigate a variety of subjects like philosophy which for example will prepare you for ethical decision making. Furthermore, an online liberal arts degree will develop critical thinking and effective oral and written communication. One of the largest advantages to a liberal arts degree is being able to organize and execute research on a variety of topics. You will be at ease defining problems and executing tasks. Your ear will be attuned to not only have a critical approach to problems, but also be receptive to new ideas and approaches.

Weather you focus completely on a straight up liberal arts major, or weather you decide to also double major or minor in a specific liberal arts discipline or within technology or science, you will be prepared for a variety of interesting career opportunities.

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) highlights the following careers as the highest paying for the liberal arts graduate.

  • Real estate
  • Management
  • Sales

Real Estate

According to the BLS, the median income in 2010 for real estate brokers was $54,910. That said, most brokers can start at modest levels but through experience can go on to make pretty big incomes.


Getting a liberal arts degree really pairs nicely with becoming a human relations manager. All of the skills you develop in school will directly translate into becoming a human relations manager without much of learning curve. In other words, you’ve developed the skills necessary to become a professional in this field. The BLS reports that human resource managers can make or exceed $100,000.


According to the BLS, the median income for a sales manager in 2010 was $98,530. An online liberal arts degree will give you all of the necessary skills it takes to become a sales professional. Further expertise can easily be learned on the job.

Other Careers

Even careers such as becoming an administrative assistant will help you into the workplace if you work for an executive. According to the BLS a median salary in 2010 was about $43,000 with the top ten percent earning $67,000 which is a respectable field in and of itself but could also be a gateway profession, or a job while you return to graduate school for specialization in other fields, including law.

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