Online Degree in General Studies

One of the most flexible degrees that you can acquire is a general studies degree. Furthermore, what could be more flexible than getting your degree online? General studies programs allow you to design your own curriculum in ways that other majors can’t accommodate. Since the degree holds the element of individualism, it is sometimes referred to as an interdisciplinary major. However, you can also weave in topics that will emphasize a particular interest that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with majors where there is little flexibility. This well rounded focus will expose students to many disciplines making it congruent with a variety of careers or prepare them to select a particular graduate school program.


In this sense, students will experience what it means to get an education in the classic sense. So often students choose majors to get a specific job and are far less well rounded.  General studies can do both. Students getting an online education in general studies will be prepared for many careers because they’ve studied so many topics and thus they learn how to critically think and be well versed in the discourse of many disciplines.

Careers for students that receive a degree in general studies will be similar students receiving degrees in liberal arts. Likewise, According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are new and emerging fields that are worth pursuing- one of them being in healthcare which will be one of the fastest growing fields over the next 10 years. Some of the most interesting professions are a Review Coordinator and a Restorative Therapist. Both of these professions examine patient records to ensure the care received met the standards of the facility. By getting your degree online, you’ll become very technical and internet savvy and will develop the skills necessary to navigate plenty of other new occupations as well.  For example, an increase in the need for plastic surgeons has resulted in the need for medical aestheticians which combine skin care with medical knowledge to care for patient’s skin before and after surgery. Dual majors in general arts and medicine for aestheticians are one option, while getting associates in general arts and finishing at a vocational school to become an medical aesthetician is another option. You can also get a bachelor’s in general studies and later attend a certificate program. As you can see, there is a wide variety of school and career options available for students online.

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