Online Degree in Communications

Online Degree in Communications

Communication majors will become well versed in the latest forms of electronic and print communication in addition to presentation software and digital conferencing. An online degree in communication will include writing, media, technology and marketing courses. Students will focus on real world case studies that will develop excellent verbal and written communication. They will learn communication and industry specific concepts that help build public speaking, presentation and interviewing skills. Getting an online degree in communications will also prepare you for a variety of civic responsibilities. For example, students will be ready for leadership, persuasion and learn how to become socially influential within their community. Online courses will include studying the impact of gender, race and class communication on contemporary workplaces.

Communication professionals often work in marketing, publicity and press departments. By choosing a marketing career, you can also work within a company by relaying information internally if the company is especially large and is called internal communications. Communication majors also pursue careers in public relations and promote their company brand. Furthermore, a public relations coordinator has social responsibilities to sustain the company in ways such as promoting innovations and major speaking engagements.

Marketing Professional

Marketing managers work in a wide variety of industries. Depending on the specific industry you may earn an income that surpasses the national average. For example, management within scientific research and development companies is one option while, at the other end of the spectrum management in motion picture and video industries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) salary estimates for a marketing manager is $118,160.

Public Relations Specialist

The classic public relations specialist works in advertising but promoting companies is what all public relation specialists accomplish no matter what industry they are in. According to the BLS, the average public relations specialist across all industries is around $61,980.

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