Online Degree in Design (Graphic Design)

Getting an online degree in graphic design will prepare you for a fast paced very employable future. Graphic designers will create visuals that will help a company become brand recognizable even before public relations specialist can. Graphic designers work to design visuals associated with a company to inspire, inform and keep the attention of prospective customers like no other method of communication. Designers create graphics o meet the commercial and promotional needs of company by creating recognizable pictures and logos.

Their job is unique in that they can learn classic and contemporary art to craft images by using high tech software. Some students that graduate in graphic arts have a sophisticated portfolio of images created with some of the best graphics design software, while still having a studio art show with examples of pottery and sketches that rival any classic art major. In fact, getting an online degree in graphic design allows for freedom to double-major or minor in studio art making this a well-rounded education. In some large corporations with deep pockets they have the graphic designers help them purchase fine art for their entry foyers and board rooms! Becoming a graphic designer literally makes you employable to virtually every industry imaginable.

Depending on the industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the average salary for a graphic designer is $47,820. The Federal Executive Branch, which averages across many more industries, estimates the average salary for a graphic designer as $74,030. Not only are the salaries flexible, but lots of designers are free lance and can work for themselves making this one of the more progressive jobs out there.

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