Online Bachelors Degree in Humanities

Getting online bachelors in humanities offers one of the most flexible and classically comprehensive degrees higher education has to offer. Furthermore, going to school is equally flexible; you can study at any time from your own home. A humanities degree allows you to have greater adaptability in the courses you choose in your major. A humanities degree is interdisciplinary and can include subjects like philosophy, music, and literature and world cultures just to name a few. You’ll attain excellent research and writing skills using comparative literature and will be well versed in traditional, classic genres like foreign language and creative writing. One of the most important skills learned from a humanities degree is critical thinking and the ability blur the boundaries of different disciplines to achieve maximum creativity and meaning. This not only prepares you for any number of careers, but it also creates a solid foundation for graduate school.

Like degrees earned in liberal arts or communication, opportunities exist in education, journalism, social work and human resources. By earning your degree online you will understand many technical tools for example  internet researching, message boards and instant messaging just to name a few.

Career opportunities for humanities majors also include marketing, advertising and public relations. Jobs in human relations and personnel management welcome humanities majors because of those learned verbal and written communication skills. Getting a humanities degree also prepare graduates for retail management or post graduate work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics here are some of the possible careers for humanities majors and their accompanying salaries.

Market Research Analyst-Median pay for a Market research analyst is $60, 570. Market research analysts work in every industry and gather information and data and analyze the potential sales and services for a product.

Advertising Sales Agent-Median pay for an advertising sales agent is around $45,350. An advertising sales agent sells advertising space (magazine, newspaper, etc.) to businesses and individuals. They contact potential clients, make sales presentations and maintain their current client accounts.

Public Relations Specialist-Median pay for a public relations specialist is $54,170. A public relations specialist can work in a variety of industries and engages and promotes the public image for individuals, groups or organizations.

Retail Management-Median pay for a retail manager is $58,360. A retail manager can also be a buyer and purchasing agent to buy products for companies to use or resell. They evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review product quality.

Human Resource Manager-The median pay for a human resource manager is $99,180. Human resource managers plan, direct and coordinate administrative function of an organization. They oversea recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff.

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