Distance MFA Degrees or Writing Courses Online

There is a rich learning environment available on today’s online learning platform, and an online Master’s of Fine Arts might just be where you can get your writing career going. As solitary writers, we spend most of our time in our working environment which nowadays translates to the desk that holds our computer or where we happen to sit with our laptops.


Spending time at our craft on our own can be a daunting task. We as writers need to be part of a community whether that be a workshop or seminar, or going back to school. We have to read and write and most of the time augment our writing with workshops or classes so that we not only have a community and learn, but if we are not employed as writers, we also need to instill some deadlines and other markers so that we make sure we continue to actually do the work and write. To find ones voice means write our life and that often comes with contact with other writers. Getting an online degree may be an ideal way for some writers to have that community, have those deadlines and work toward writing that can be looked at by instructional writers in creative areas. Even if your schedule or need doesn’t need a complete degree in creative writing, many of us would greatly benefit by taking some writing courses online

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