Online Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

A Bachelor of Arts in English trains students to interpret and compare literature from various historical periods and up to the present time. Students will study major literary texts along side fiction, nonfiction, poetry, functional texts, public documents, works from women, film, and a many other important genres of literature. Course work includes linguistics, composition as well as critical theory and studies on ethnicity. An English degree provides a broad liberal arts education and majors are good writers, communicators and are critical thinkers.

Careers that students can pursue when they receive a Bachelor of Arts in English can include any job that requires good language and communication skills.  Because students develop such superb communication skills, they are also well suited for teaching, sales, training and so on.  Students graduating with an English degree often pursue jobs in writing or editing for publishers, newspapers magazines or web sites. In addition, careers in public relations, advertising or marketing are also options.

Salaries for careers suited for English major vary, especially state to state. A median salary for a Chicago public school teacher not including benefits is around $76,000. In New York City the average salary is $73.751. In Los Angeles teachers make $67,600. At a college or university level the median is more like $72,400.  On the other hand if you specialize in physics, you’ll earn around 92,730. You’ll find more job descriptions and salaries on the US Department of Labor’s website.

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