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Interview with “The Salon” owner, Anne Justad Friedman. The Salon is located in Fort Sheridan, Il.

I began my interview with Anne with a comprised list of the questions I really wanted to know the answers to. Like many an interview, it began in one direction and ended up in another.  What I never really thought about was that Anne, and other stylists, have to tap into their inner psychologist in order to accomplish the desired results for thier clients. I was surprised at how patient she is at figuring out a strategy  in order to reach her clients hair goals.

My first line of business was to ask her about the Paul Mitchell: Awapuhi Wild Ginger line. This product line is only offered at Paul Mitchell salons and schools. About 6 months ago, Anne used the Awapuhi keratin treatment on me and I couldn’t believe the results. I have fairly thick, long, fine, wavy, color treated hair. I’ve tried every drug store and freakishly expensive hair products that claim to smooth hair. I can honestly say not one improved the texture of my hair. I’ve had long hair my whole life and it has been color treated since I was 16 years old. Even the product lines people typically rave about came up completely empty for me. I take good care of my hair. I don’t blow dry at all  or shampoo it every day. My hair is not damaged or dry and I use an overnight conditioner every week. My hair isn’t damaged but it definitely has a frizz to it because I have a lot of fine, wavy hair.  The keratin treatment gave immediate results. My hair relaxed and was about 2 inches longer because of the smoothing properties! I now use the whole Awapuhi product line. My hair is relaxed and frizz free. It has a shine and depth. I’m so impressed by my hair’s texture after using these products that I can say this is the only product line I have ever endorsed. Anne feels just as passionate as I do about this product line. In her 30 years as a stylist, this product is head and shoulders above the rest.

Anne recommends the Awapuhi Wild Ginger line to her clients of color to support the special care and needs of their hair as well. It’s a product that works for all ethnicities which even makes it more desirable and democratic. It’s a pleasure to recommend one hair product line that works on every kind of hair.  Now that we’ve established the best product line either of us has encountered, it was time for some important questions.

You’ve been in this industry a long time, what are the things that make a woman look older or younger?

Anne: When a woman’s coloring is washed out, it definitely makes her look older. If her eyebrows are sparse, or without color and her hair color is drab, it’s incredibly aging. When you look at young girls, even if they are blonde, they have a range of colors including colors with depth and richness. Most people think they have to go a lot lighter when they age, but I think that’s a real generalization. Yes it looks good to have a beautiful, lighter color around the face as a woman ages, but the rest of the hair including eyebrows need a certain amount of darkness added to the mix in order for you to remain youthful looking. In addition, Anne names hair texture the other big factor in aging or youthful hair. That's why she is so excited about the Awapuhi line. The products takes the frizz out of hair and smooths it down to create a shiny, vibrant and youthful texture.

What hair cut remains classic?

Anne: Any type of bob. Bobs are cut with movement in mind and will make the most of a woman’s hair texture. However, whether your hair is long or short, chemically processed or not, you have to commit to properly caring for your hair in the same way you care for aging skin.

How do you convince a client that a particular hair style or color just isn’t right for her?

Anne: I don’t because it doesn’t really happen that we would have such differing opinions. I really try and understand where she’s coming from. It takes a lot of psychology when trying to understand what a client envisions for her look. I try to be as sensitive as I can while simultaneously describing back what the client envisions. Often times, the look isn’t achievable in one salon visit. It can take a couple of months to execute a certain style and color. Most women are patient and really committed to achieving a look that might take several appointments spread out over a couple of months. Clients are happy to work with me so that we get the desired result and that makes everyone happy.

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