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Let’s face it, college is expensive, hard to get into, and time consuming. But that doesn’t mean that if you absolutely can’t attend a traditional college you should give up on your higher education dreams. Furthermore, if you did attend a traditional undergraduate degree program and want to get an advanced degree but can’t attend a traditional on campus graduate program you shouldn’t give up on those aspirations either. With the economy in such a poor state right now and jobs getting harder and harder to find, it actually a really important time to get an education. It seems if there’s a will there’s a way, and there are many, many people going to school online. If a smart, resourceful individual just can’t attend an on campus education, you will be sure that they are going find a quality education online which will in turn lead to a deeper acceptance for all online degrees.

Very often a school is judged by the quality of its students and at an ever increasing rate those quality students are studying online. This is especially true for students that have an undergraduate degree from a traditional college and because of an important job and a growing family; they simply can’t afford to take a, "time out" from those responsibilities. These motivated individuals also need their current income to pay for school. If these folks are lucky enough to have tuition reimbursement programs from their work, they must stay employed for that reason, not to mention the insurance benefits paid to their families. The times have changed and as people continue to rely on technology for their way of life, it’s only natural that a quality education will be available online as well.

For women wanting to pursue their dreams of a masters’ degree or even a PhD, an online program is sometimes their only option. Students that do have a traditional undergraduate degree and get their graduate degree online have elevated the complexion of an online degree. In addition, many schools that do offer traditional undergraduate and graduate programs are starting to offer those same programs online. In fact, your resume need not even say that you completed your program online. Universities have a real obligation to meet the needs of these motivated and talented individuals. These universities should respond to the demands of an educated public and should answer that call in order to survive themselves. It would be in these schools best interests, both fiscally and intellectually offer to these students a quality online education.

As a further endorsement, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are offering 20 million dollars in grant money to be given to people that can incorporate technology and education. Mr. Gates has even gone on record and stated that he believes that a campus based education will be 5 times less important in the near future. Gates is inspired by the notion of combining the best teachers with the best lectures from the best universities- and all offered online. He’s even mentioned that this kind of education could be free. This type of education could rightly be called, "a brave new world." Gates believes that if the US doesn’t respond, another country will. One can’t help but come to the conclusion that a quality education that can be completed online does makes a lot of sense for a lot of people.

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