Top Ten Online Degree Programs

The most popular online degrees are programs that are versatile in today’s job market and the jobs that are experiencing the most growth over the next decade. A major in these areas can almost guarantee a job after graduation. For example, the most popular online degree is business administration.  A degree in business administration can lead to jobs as a financial analyst, a marketing manager or an investment banker depending on if it’s a bachelor or masters degree.


  1. Business Administration is the most popular and sought after online degree. This degree prepares you for any type of management position. Online degrees are available in business administration (BA), masters degree (MBA), or even a certificate for the most basic of business concepts and practices just to name a few.
  2.  Engineering online degrees is the second most popular degree. There are 17 main divisions of engineering, and they hold 1.2 million jobs in the United States alone. An online master degree in engineering is the most popular in the field, but online bachelors will find entry level positions.
  3.  Computer Science is an online degree that has, and will remain in demand. The digital revolution secures the need for folks with degrees in computer science. Some of the positions in computer science are: design interface, programming, and development of hardware.
  4. Nursing and other fields in the health sector are an immensely popular with no end in sight. Generally, a nurse will attain an online bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) or an online master’s degree in nursing (MSN).
  5. Education majors who pursue a bachelor degree in education obtain entry level teaching jobs.  Those interested in administration or counseling jobs should continue to earn their online masters degree in education.
  6. Criminal Justice online majors prepare themselves for a career in upholding state and federal law. An entry level position in criminal justice can be attained through an online associate degree. Those interested in higher paying positions should seek online bachelor’s degree. Some dedicated lawyers get an undergraduate degree in criminal justice before pursing a law degree (JD).
  7. Accounting is a great job for those individuals who like to crunch numbers. Essentially, every business needs an accountant. The top paying accounting positions are those that have received their online bachelors and masters degrees in accounting and are a certified public accountant (CPA).  Some who don’t want to wait long to get into their careers can pursue an online certificate or associates in accounting.
  8. Psychology majors study the human and animal mind and how it affects behavior. To have a practice in psychology, you must pursue at least an online master’s degree, or ideally, a Ph.D.  To start your career as soon as possible you can get an online bachelors degree in psychology to obtain a job as a Psychologist’s assistant.
  9. Graphic Design is another hot career and designers create computer based images for things such as websites, computer software programs and films. This is for highly creative people with a technical background.  Most entry level positions in this field require at least a bachelor degree in graphic design, however, a certificate or associates degree will get you as an assistant to a graphic designer.
  10.  Healthcare Administration is another health related field that continues to have a very high demand for workers. More job opportunities and higher salaries are awarded to online bachelors or online masters degrees in healthcare administration.

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