Education, an Authentic Journey

In this celebrity obsessed culture, I find myself watching less and less T.V. I’m not interested in the voyeuristic turn entertainment has shifted into. What I can take from it though, as people tune into these shows endlessly, is that everyone seems to value success-even if that means watching a celebrity display in a reality television show.

I can’t help but make the observation, what more do we value? The economy will always be good, poor or somewhere in between and what keeps a person negotiating those waters is an education. An education firmly puts you on a path to success. All of things I continue to accomplish are a direct result of the education I worked for. Not only does it bring financial success, it makes you a critical thinker.

Education brings to you a foundation of connections that help you become the person that you want to be. Education is about you wanting to be you and no-one else. Education accomplishes this because it is inherently an authentic journey that you must, and you should go on.

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