Online Education-Connecting Students Worldwide

Distance learning aims to deliver education to students who are not physically on site in traditional classrooms. This field of education concentrates on pedagogy, technology, and instructional designs that provide access to learners that are separated by time and/or distance.  Online education is becoming more recognized in universities and institutions around the world for providing individualized attention and communication with students.

Degrees earned online provide a flexible format while increasing access for nontraditional students whose schedules and resources might otherwise not accommodate class time. Online education reaches students not served by face-to-face programs and has the potential to raise the overall level of education in the United States.

Virtual education can be more agile and forward thinking and have a broader reach because students are no longer limited to college campuses within a fifty mile radius. The online format offers access to countless specialty programs nationwide and offers coursework to attain an associates or certificate, a BA or BS, a masters or doctorate degrees.

The virtual classroom also builds global community. Everyone benefits from shared experiences. Web based collaboration tools enable people in far reaches of the world to share in an educational experience.

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