What is the Upside to An Online College Degree?

For starters, you get an education! Even though we are bombarded by media and people famous for well, absolutely nothing- it sends an unfortunate message to everyone that they need those 15 minutes of fame to be successful in life.  This approach to success is really wildly off the mark and has little to do with how the world actually works.

If you turn off the reality television shows and tune into the news channels, you’re bound to see a turbulent world in need of individuals who can navigate with technical and educational know how. Getting an education means not only getting technical skills, but it also means blending communication skills in real-world contexts. An education will prepare you to weather this economic storm and the next one coming in years from now. Educators know how fast paced the work-force is and how to train students for commitments within the larger community. Getting a university degree will stimulate and cultivate your mind in far reaching ways. You will be introduced to new ideas that can only be acquired through studying within a higher education program that introduces you to all of the different discourses. An online bachelors degree or higher not only gives you the technical skills needed for a particular profession, but it also fosters the critical thinking needed to make decisions in any aspect of your job and personal life.

Most online students report that they have many interactions with the students in their classes through online discussions and phone calls. Online students really band together and help each other on a regular basis. Students also form communities through social networking. For example, many online schools have Facebook groups so that students stay really pro-active in communicating with their fellow online classmates. Getting a degree is never easy, but going to school online is way to get your degree without quitting your job or your other responsibilities. Going to school online not only saves time, but it also saves you money in commuting and child care costs.

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