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The US News in Education reported that online education will have a significant effect on higher education. They believe that like cell phones disrupted the land line phone model, so will online education on colleges. There is no doubt that online education is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time before all campus based institutions will have to offer their coursework online as well.

As the regulatory process for online models is solidified, and the presence of nonprofit online programs increases, there will also have to be standardized methods of training professors. As technologies continue to improve, traditional schools will have to do things like replace their massive entry level classes with an online version. As a result, in the future, getting an online degree will hold the same weight as completing an online program. In fact, if you get an online degree from a traditional school, your diploma won’t even indicated that it was achieved online.

Currently, one way to choose an online school is to ask for how students have faired after graduation job-wise. Transparency will benefit the whole online effort in the short and long term of the online education model. The question to nonprofit universities now is to ask if they want to be a part of the conversation and help shape online education-or do want to deny it will ever gain momentum. It’s almost hypocritical to want to be a strict door keeper of an elite institution that first and foremost wants to exclude students. One of the goals of online education consortiums is to democratize education and find the new Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg in third world countries. Classes for degrees could come from a variety of colleges with potentially a lot more information available.

Another exciting development within online education is online professional certificates. If you already have a degree but want to jump start your career, getting a certificate will help. Schools will be offering a variety of professional certificates that will be reimbursed by the employers. Georgetown University reported that certificates weather earned online or on campus often out performed two and four year degrees in terms of cash return.

With employees that only had a high school diploma, the average worker had a 20% bigger salary. Getting an online degree or certificate has never been easier. With an online degree or certificate you will start a career or jump start your current one without a doubt. For free information about an online education please visit the site:

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