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By the time you’re accepted at an online university, you’ll have help in the form of free lectures from the best universities. There are so many advantages to help you along the way in your distance learning journey, ways to back up the information you must master in your online courses. Many prestigious universities have put some of the best lectures given by Ivy League professors on topics online students everywhere can take advantage of. The site is and they are putting these kinds of outstanding lectures for free online for anyone who needs more information about the topics they are studying. With the escalating cost of learning, online education is one of the more practical and affordable ways to learn.

What does online education offer? For starters, online degree programs provide convenience and flexibility. Students with jobs and families find that going back to school on campus difficult to negotiate with their schedules, with distance learning this is no longer an issue. Another incredible benefit is student pacing. Online schools allow students to work at their own pace. In addition, online students don’t have to commute. Studying form home will save money and time both for school expenses, but also any child care costs they would incur. Furthermore, often the online student has more choices. Students can choose an online degree program from anywhere they want. Students can also choose a combination of face-to-face learning and online learning. Lots of students attending a traditional campus program can augment their learning by taking some of their classes online to avoid scheduling conflict. In addition, those same students can take advantage of all of the free online university lectures and classes like the student exclusively studying online.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has donated money to the research and application of online learning, including giving money to the Khan Academy. He sincerely believes that distance learning will revolutionize the way we learn. Right now excitement is around learning on Apple’s new iPad tablet. Last summer, former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch started an online M.B.A program called, Jack Welch Management Institute. Welch told BuisnessWeek that, “Online Education is going nowhere but up…it’s for real” (1)—

A study conducted by US News found that degree granting programs have increased 75% from 2001-2008. Take advantage of these online programs and utilities now and get the degree and career you've always wanted.

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