What Do Employers Think About Online Education?

A lot of folks worry if employers value an online degree as much as a degree from a traditional brick and mortar school. Most studies reveal that there are certain obvious industries that embrace online degrees which are:

  • Internet and New Media
  • Technology
  • High Tech
  • Media and Marketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Consulting

In addition, studies have revealed that there is little if any difference between the qualities of online learning compared to traditional classrooms. In addition, most studies document that online students perform as well as their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, if you get your online degree from a traditional university that offers degrees online, there is virtually no difference to employers, especially since your resume will only have to say the degree granted and not that you studied online.

On an interesting note, employers feel that students getting their graduate degrees online are seen as industrious because they feel that it’s probably a student’s only option with work and family demands. Furthermore, a lot of employers will reimburse students for their tuition. Studies have found that employers really valued graduate certificates that kept their employees cutting edge. More often than not, employers will pay for graduate education weather it’s a certificate or a degree. Information technology fields are always going to value online degrees, mostly because they are early adapters of technology and the nature of the work.

The reality of the situation is that with a computer, an internet, and a connection and some self discipline you can earn a degree. If you’re in a situation that to get ahead in your career or change careers, getting an education is a sure fire way to achieve those goals.

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