Online Education: Great Careers for Working and/or Single Mothers

If you’re a mother and need to work, getting an online education for a career that provides both security and flexibility will land you a job to better care for yourself and your family. In addition, there are degree programs for entry level positions that will allow you to advance within that career as your children grow up. In this way, you’ll be able to provide for your family without sacrificing the time you are able to spend with them while they are still at home.

More often than not, in order to change careers or improve your current one requires an education. By getting your degree online you are able to have a more prosperous, less stressful life. Having a career will allow you to dramatically improve your income and not have to constantly worry about making ends meat.

There are online degree programs that are incredibly conducive to studying online and having a career that will make you more accessible to your family. Furthermore, some of these careers can easily be a stepping stone to advancing your career in synch with when your children grow and become more independent. Just two of the more flexible and family friendly careers you can acquire online are:

  • Paralegal
  • Accounting

Paralegal Paralegals or Legal Assistants are extremely valuable to what Attorneys do day in and day out. Paralegals prepare for trials, draft arguments. Paralegals also help Attorneys prepare for trials, legal procedures, and analyze cases just to name a few. In addition, by choosing a career in Criminal Justice you’ll be able to advance your career and make more money as you rise through the ranks. Paralegals can do a lot of their work from home and have regular office hours so it’s not only a consistent amount of money, but it provides the flexibility working mothers need to be there for their children.

Accounting Accounting, like computer science is one of those degrees that coursework is perfect for the online format. In addition, the bulk of the tasks as an accountant can be completed remotely. So not only is the coursework conducive to an online format, so is the career. There are careers in companies of all sizes. You can work in such diverse areas such as financial accounting, financial analysis, and treasury and cash management. You can work within the government at the federal, state, or local level. Furthermore, you’ll be able to work for a non-profit or private company. On a larger scale, some really exciting careers within accounting are:

International Accounting-Requires knowledge of international financial reporting standards and can cover everything from navigating tricky trade treaties in emerging markets like Asia to working on international mergers and acquisitions. Average earnings are $48.030-71,637 Forensic Accounting-Investigates financial crimes and insurance fraud on behalf of companies and public law enforcement agencies. Often their work will result in criminal charges and they can be called upon to testify in trials. Average earnings: $48.030-$71,637

IRS Criminal Investigation Accounting Controller-Closely watches all outgoing and incoming finances. Chief accounts are another way to describe this position. Average earnings: $46,604-$77,602

Chief Financial Officer (CEO)-Responsible for the company’s financial goals and budgets. In a publically traded company, they are accountable for the organizations financial reporting. Average earnings: $81,817-$151,240.

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