What’s it Like Going to School Online?

People assume that going to school online will completely isolate you. This couldn’t be father from the truth. Most schools will always have set real-time office hours, as well as support teams that monitor class and team bulletin boards, discussions, and respond to e-mail on a regular basis. Most of the faculty will respond to your queries within 24-48 hours if not sooner. You can speak with your instructor by e-mail, chat rooms, bulletin boards as well as instant messaging.

Depending what college you’re enrolled in, there may be synchronous (live) sessions or asynchronous (not live) sessions. All of the information covered will be stored on software so that you can view lectures as many times as you need. In addition you may be assigned to a virtual workgroup with other students in order to solve a problem. Whatever you’ve heard in the past, you will have contact with other students and your instructor.

Furthermore, depending on the online program, you have the option to meet with your instructor as well as support personnel in order to learn some tech features and maybe learn how to use the online library and other reference systems before you begin your coursework.

You will most likely be able to see other classmate’s names and their email addresses. You’ll find the syllabus online as well as additional material and how your instructor grades. If you plug into Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, you’ll be able to adjust to the online learning methods.

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