Student Burnout-How an Online Education Can Help

It takes a lot of discipline to go back to school as an adult. Completing your degree online can make getting ahead way easier than going to a physical campus. In fact, maybe it’s even impossible to travel to a brick and mortar college. If you’ve decided to go back to school online, congratulations on your decision. Getting a degree online will make it possible for you to climb the ladder in your existing profession, or begin a new career all together. Either way, getting ahead is synonymous with making more money.

Even though you are taking on more responsibility by enrolling in an online program, it will alleviate a lot of stress in the long run to complete a degree and be in control of your future. That doesn't mean that when juggling all your responsibilities you won’t hit a few bumps in the road. Every now and then we run up against a wall when we try to do more than we have time for-for lack of a better phrase, we feel burned out.

Burnout can be defined as a state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion brought on by continual devotion to a goal whose achievement may not be realistic. There are two types of burnout:

  • Frenetic
  • Worn-out

Frenetic burnout is a response to frustration in an attempt to produce the results you expect. To offset this burnout tolerate the limits set by the reality of what can be accomplished. Work with support staff to help you set realistic goals. Online schools know that your life consists of so many components including work and family on top of the online education you are perusing. They want you to succeed!

Worn-out burnout is a response to dispassionate students who have reduced their level of involvement to the point of neglecting their responsibilities.

Both frenetic and worn-out burnout, the student can be seen as having lost perspective on the other aspects of life which provide balance and happiness. The loss perspective is often due to an over emphasis on the self versus other (mostly family). Giving to others is one way to combat this burnout and to be more in touch with society in addition to family, rather than so focused on your individual accomplishments and not taking in help from others that are there to help you. Some surprisingly simple ways you can lessen the effects of any kind of burnout is:

  • Make the experience more social and meet with a friend or a study group rather than going it alone.
  • Play out scenarios with someone going through the same work, family, school balancing act. Furthermore, get help from the guidance council at your school. Students forget that there are whole departments that are there to help you.
  • Treat yourself to a healthy work, study reward system. Make your family part of your downtime and participate in a physical activity with them. Take the time to exercise, it will alleviate stress and help you connect with your family and other responsibilities.

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