An Online Education Can Give you a Competitive Advantage in a Rough Economy

With the turbulent economy and dismal job market, pursing an online degree does offer opportunities to increase your marketability. There has never been a more appropriate time to earn a degree from an accredited online university. By completing an online degree you will buffer yourself from the recession and you'll come closer to reaching your income goal and earning that coveted six figure salary.

It's always a great idea to broaden your employment options. After some folks were hard hit by the struggling economy, going back to school is a great way to make you more marketable. Whether you're finishing that associates or bachelor's degree, or getting a master's degree or higher, it is an unequivocally a step in the right direction. The following is a list of reasons why an online degree is still worth earning even during these hard economic times.

Cost. Online degrees are usually less per credit hour than the more traditional private colleges and universities. Since you are studying from home and at your own pace, you don't have to quit your current job and loose precious income. Furthermore, course material downloaded to your computer is often cheaper than buying hard cover books from the campus book store.

Additional degrees increase earnings. In a study released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men with bachelor's degrees on average make an average of $1,209 a week while median weekly wages for high school graduates was $714. The ninetieth percentile of men with advanced degrees earned $3,434 a week. Higher degrees generally mean higher wages.

Valuable experience with technology. Technology is continuing to play a bigger role in almost all industries. Earning an online degree will give you experience in using technology; you will gain knowledge in emailing, video chatting, posting on message boards, using the internet to do group work, and using a variety of programs such as Excel.

Ensure job security. An extra degree will provide you with additional skills and knowledge. Filling in gaps of knowledge will not only make you an invaluable employee, but will help you compete with newcomers in the field. In addition, ask about any tuition reimbursement that your company may have available to you. Often time, companies will pay for all or part of your tuition depending on how it pertains to your current job.

Flexibility. An online degree allows you to stay at your job and be on top of your obligations. Rather than planning your life around your education, you can plan your education around your life.

Less Intimidating. Online education is also a less intimidating forum than being in the classroom. If you are a student going back to school and you are over 24 years of age, college could seem awkward. You can also think longer about how you want to comment electronically. You can take your time thinking about your response and post when you feel you are ready.

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