Why Online Education Works!


Online Education is definitely here to stay. It continues to establish a presence in corporations and schools of higher learning. It is rather interesting to note that until recently; a lot of jobs that were available to most of the population were connected to farming or professions involving physical labor. These employment features have dramatically changed and now demand skills that involve the intellect.

Professionals in Technology Wanted

The U.S. Department of Labor reported that the year 2000 had 85% of the nation’s jobs that were needed required an education higher than a high school diploma. Employment opportunities and demands for computer programmers, network engineers and web experts have skyrocketed.

Technology Continues to Advance

The advancements in technology such as computer speed and computer capabilities will undoubtedly continue to progress so that online learning will be advantageous to traditional students at a brick and mortar school trying to balance out their courses. In other words, technology itself will escort in a higher quality distance learning experience that will be attractive to all students.

Schools Need Money

Economics and demand for new sources of revenue will become a reality for institutions that have experienced fiscal challenges. In this new climate, the goal is will be to have quality metrics for evaluating online programs, and internal accommodation by way of instructor training and restructuring. Online education has been around long enough to have practitioners aware of the various costs required to develop and support online programs. In addition, they are also astute of the fact that distance learning can clearly become new sources of revenue.

Online Education is for Everyone

Campaigns to attract students from underserved markets including students with disabilities will give these programs great social value and ethical heft. However, the need for new skills for the worker is really the cornerstone for growing online programs. In particular community colleges have experienced the biggest growth spurt.

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