How to Succeed at College Online

Earning a degree at college online can present more challenges than attaining a degree traditionally.

Whi_college-degreesle distance learning is flexible, students are often juggling family, work, and many other obligations. There is great potential to get distracted and loose focus. The following are some tips that will allow you to succeed as a distance learner.

  • Utilize your professors and peers. Just because you do not have face time with your professors and peers does not mean that you cannot use them as resources. Not understanding a topic? Email your professor with questions or post on your class’ messageboard. Create a virtual study group to review for a test. Your professors and peers are amazing resources. Use them!
  • Set up a schedule. Devote a certain amount of time to your classes every day. A schedule will allow you to manage your time effectively. Once you have set up a routine of daily studying, it will be very difficult to break it. Make sure that your family knows that this time is reserved specifically for your education, so that they do not disturb you.
  • Create an ideal study environment. Everyone has a different ideal study environment. Some people like studying with music blaring in the background while others need complete silence. Just make sure that your study environment is free of distractions. Set up a place that has the ideal conditions you need to study.
  • Be aware of deadlines. With family and work obligations, it is easy to miss deadlines. Place the syllabus of your class in a place where you frequently look.
  • Embrace your learning style. Not everyone learns best by making flashcards or highlighting facts. People have different learning styles. Some are visual learners while others are auditory learners. Figure out what learning style is best for you, and use it do well in your classes.
  • Find and use your university’s resources. Many online universities offer virtual tutors or writing services. Investigate what your university has to offer.
  • Never lose sight of your goals. Why are you earning an online degree? To get a better job? Switch careers? Not all of your goals have to be so broad or long term. Set a combination of short and long term goals. A short term goal may simply be getting an A on a paper. Use your goals as motivation to continue with the program.
  • Reward yourself. Incentivizing yourself will help you retain motivation. Reward yourself when you meet a goal however big or small.

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