Is An Online Degree Right for you?

Get the degree & skill set you need to succeed


There are many factors that are important in determining why an online education might be right for you.  Getting an online education may translate into a better career and more money. There's a consensus that education will improve your quality of life and better prepare you for a job. Government studies show that the more education you have, the more lifetime earnings and opportunities you will create for yourself.

Pursuing an online education can also mean getting a vocational degree. Vocational degrees prepare individuals for jobs that are in high demand as well. The *U.S. Department of Labor Statistics have established that approximately 21 million of the 21.6 new wage and salary jobs generated over the 2002-2012 period will be service providing professionals. Having the right vocational degree can definitely lead to a rewarding and lucrative career.

Furthermore, because the current culture has virtually changed into a digital society that constantly uses the internet, students studying online are better positioned to take advantage of the flexibility that only schools online can accommodate. Because our culture has reoriented itself into a virtual society, our economy has also transformed and relies heavily on the internet. People are becoming more information savvy and getting a legitimate degree online can take the punch out the unrelenting, escalating university costs.

It’s difficult to go back to school when you’re an adult and you carry a lot of responsibility. Most adults have jobs and families so it becomes impossible to attend a physical brick and mortar school. Some of the benefits of an online education degree are that you’ll be able to peruse a degree from your home which in turn allows you to reduce commuting costs, childcare costs and materials cost just to name a few. In addition, you’ll also be able to keep your job and any other responsibilities that would otherwise stand in the way of completing a degree.

A large percentage of 4 year, degree granting institution now offer their programs online with the diploma only stating the name of the college or university, not distinguishing whether the program was granted online or on campus. With the economy still struggling, many more colleges and universities will offer their programs online, or a blend of both as part of their strategic direction. What is certain is that there will be more accrediting agencies to keep up with the demand for distance education programs. These agencies will be able to take the guess work out of whether a program is reputable.

Discussions about online versus traditional college continue to focus on whether the quality of online degrees is as good. How much a student learns will certainly be the proof and the answer to the question will be like anything else, it depends on the individual. Many internet savvy students will likely excel in the online format, and certainly the older student with responsibilities will be highly motivated to succeed as well. It’s hard to speculate on whether all schools will have to offer at least some of their programs online, or those that don’t will be highly desirable, or viewed as backward. Will the exclusivity of some schools work for or against them? Only time, demand and ultimately how prepared a student becomes will determine what will work.



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