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Benefits: Online degrees can be highly individualized and tailored to the specific student’s needs and preferences. Distance learning allows students to study where and when they want while juggling work, family, and other obligations. Since online education courses are completed at a student’s home, distance education increases the availability of programs and gives students an array of options that they would otherwise not have had. An online degree can be completed at the student’s own pace; some students opt to earn a degree faster than average while others complete it at a slower pace.

Available Options: Online schools grant degrees from Associates level to Doctorates in a broad array of subjects. Some courses are entirely online while others are hybrid courses meaning that they are both online and in the classroom.

Student Communication: Online universities use technology to maintain communication with their students. Live chats, message boards, email, and video conferencing are just some of the ways that students exchange ideas and questions with their peers and professors.

Selecting a School: Make sure that the online schoolis either regionally or nationally accredited by a legitimate accrediting agency. Accreditation means that the school is meeting stringent standards and is providing its students with a quality online education. Also, check to make sure that the school does not have residency requirements if you are out of state along with the specific online program/major that you plan on pursing.

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