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A school psychologist is a job that is currently in high demand. With the majority of practitioners reaching retirement age in the next ten years, the demand for professionals will continue to rise. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, the average salary is in between $47,880-$67,070.00, while top salaries can exceed $100,000. In most instances, a school psychologist’s salary for a school district is comparable to university salaries and sometimes even better. School district salaries are also often better than hospital and clinic compensation which will give a prospective student greater confidence to take on education costs.

Not only is the job outlook good, but also, so are the working conditions. A school psychologist will likely to follow the academic school calendar which will mean summers off. Status and job security are high for school psychologists and the job is very rewarding. Besides dealing with school bullying or children that are challenged in some way, they also screen children for gifted programs. The depth and breadth of the job is challenging, but the results can be extremely satisfying. Achieving the credentials to become a school psychologist has never been more convenient. Online degrees and advanced degrees is psychology have made going back to school safely within your reach. An online degree in psychology is currently one of the fastest ways to achieve this dream.

Very often the school psychologist is crucial to whether a student is motivated to stay in school and perform well. High school dropouts earning potential is extremely low compared to what students with bachelor’s degrees or higher earn. The higher the degree, the more money you'll make. A career in school psychology will mean strategic planning that includes the student’s family, caregivers and teachers to identify the physical, psychological, emotional and social and then create a path the student can follow to academic success. These professionals try and create a healthy and safe environment and strengthen the bonds between home, school and the community. It is their job to facilitate a climate so that student feels secure and supported so that they can learn to the very best of their ability.

Sometimes school psychologists manage crisis situations for example a death in the family or substance abuse issues. According to the National Association of School Psychology (NASP), there are five major areas where school psychologists provide services: (1) consultation, (2) evaluation, (3) intervention, (4) prevention, (5) research and planning. There is a whole host of management issues involved in child development including behavior problems. School psychologists are interested in childhood behaviors, learning processes or dysfunction with life or the brain itself.

School psychologists are educated in psychology, child and adolescent psychopathology, education, family and parenting practices, learning theories and personality theories. The preparation to be a school psychologist usually entails an undergraduate degree in psychology, and most states require a specialist’s or master’s degree in school psychology. However, a doctorate (PhD) really gives the student the edge in job hunting in supervisory or academic positions.

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