Getting Discounted Computers and Internet Access for Online Students

If you are going back to school online and need help affording a computer or internet access you can either go through your school, or access the companies directly. The online university should have specifications for student discounts. The campus bookstore is a good place to start and depending on the program of study that you pursue you need to make sure you get the specific computer and software requirements.

 For example, if you are majoring in a program of study that is computer intensive coursework, you should ontact your department and put together a list of everything you will need.  Besides contacting the department you are majoring in, you can always contact the computer science department. Many students know of all kinds of ways to rebuild or get access to discounted computers. Renting or renting to own is another possibility. You may want to call around to see if you could take advantage of even further discounts if there is a bulk order for computers ordered from your school.

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In addition, depending on how close you live to campus, using the school computers and alternating with a public library where you can get free use of computers and internet access. You can contact manufactures directly, or even discount superstores like Wal-Mart and Costco can help you get deep discounts on hardware and software. You can also contact Dell, Apple, Gateway and HP just to name a few. Furthermore, there are also free giveaways by programmers that write the software. Do a search on, “open source software” you’ll be surprised how much help folks offering these kinds of services can be. You’ll have to investigate the open source community and communicate with some of the folks on the message boards. This can be a very good way to get special information and attention to help you with your search.


You can also search on, “Nellie Mae”-they provide undergraduate and graduate loans that may be applied to supplies. Nellie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan is designed to help reduce the cost of borrowing as compared to traditional private student loans with deferred interest payments.


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