How to Succeed at Online Classes

In many ways, succeeding in your online courses is similar to succeeding in on campus classes. However, since you won’t be attending a physical course, you’ll need to throw your life line where it’s viable like phone numbers and email addresses.

Email Addresses and Phone Numbers Professors are going to have to provide phone numbers with office hours so that you’ll be sure and get your issues resolved. In addition, try and communicate with other students taking the online course. Usually, if you have a couple of other students to work with, you’re able to get answers much faster than you would on your own. Make sure you have their email addresses and phone numbers so that you feel as connected as possible. Feeling connected is one step closer to success. Furthermore, online courses usually make use of message/discussion boards.

Message Boards Most message boards are run like you’re attending class and the teacher is taking attendance. So even though the teacher can’t see you, they are keeping track of your participation on the message boards and it usually counts as a significant part of your grade. If you’re supposed to post a discussion at 9:00 am Monday, don’t think that you’ll be able to post at 2:00 pm.

Scheduling It sort of goes without saying but actually most students need to be reminded-keep to a schedule. This is especially valid for online students. Not only will you get your work done in a timely manner, but you’ll be far more confident that you’ll connect with other students, teachers and hand in assignments on time. The ideal way is to set aside the same time every day so that you stay focused and keep up.

Course Materials Print out and read carefully the syllabus. Approach your school work with an agenda in mind. Set goals and use all of the materials given for the course. In addition, keep up with all of the readings that are assigned. You can also communicate with other students to brain storm about the best ways to study and write papers. By putting your heads together with a study buddy, you'll be sure to cover all the material.

Keep Track of Everything-Be Prepared Keeping up with your reading assignments is key to being a successful online student. Make a calendar and put down the due dates for all your quizzes, tests, daily assignments and papers. When you see everything written down with dates associated with them you are able make a plan. Double-check all the dates with your fellow classmates and touch base with your instructor. Don’t be caught off guard with any new changes to your syllabus or any to-be-announced homework or quizzes. Write everything down!

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