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Transfering Online Education Credits

In most cases, credits from an accredited online institution should be transferable to another accredited university. However, the “receiving institution” does not have to accept the credits, and may have its own set of unique requirements. There are a couple of reasons why an institution may not accept your credits: poor grades (D or F) in the class, the class may not have an acceptable correct curriculum or online curriculum, you have reached the maximum transferable credits or you have already fulfilled your elective requirement.

Transferring Credit Procedure

  1. Fill out an application neatly and in a timely manner. Make sure to send the transcript and materials to the correct person. Some schools or distance universities may want you to send your transcript to a department while others may want to send the materials/application to the registrar.
  2. Send an information packet in addition to your application. An information packet should contain the course syllabus, course equivalency chart, and “Projected Academic Program” chart.
  3. Contact the admission office/appropriate person. If your credits are rejected, contact the appropriate contact to figure out why. You may be able to negotiate a deal.

Transferring a Degree Procedure

If a graduate institution does not recognize your bachelor’s degree, you still have several options.

  1. Submit an appeal.
  2. Try to negotiate acceptance in the program on a probationary basis which would entail maintaining a certain GPA in the receiving university’s program.
  3. Contact the Dean or ask for a review of your accredited course work.
  4. If all else fails, go to another university that will accept your degree.

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