Distance Education

Distance EducationDistance learning has been accessible to adult learners for decades, and has grown in popularity and acceptance.  However, not all online schools and online degrees are created equal.  Consistent with the tenets for our website, our mission is to provide you the unbiased information you need to decide whether learning via an online education is the right path for you.

Our team of distance education experts has done all the research for you.  In this section of our website, you can find answers to every pertinent question you have about pursuing your education as an adult learner.  We've created articles on everything from the importance of accreditation, how to avoid diploma mills, what to look for in an online school, college, university, degree, program, or course, and whether you have the personality type to succeed in online learning, among others.


Distance Education Benefits

The Right Fit for you

Benefits: Online degrees can be highly individualized and tailored to the specific student’s needs and preferences. Distance learning allows students to study where and when they want while juggling work, family, and other obligations. Since online education courses are completed at a student’s home, distance education increases the availability of programs and gives students an array of options that they would otherwise not have had. An online degree can be completed at the student’s own pace; some students opt to earn a degree faster than average while others complete it at a slower pace.