Tuition Assistance Program for the Military

Tuition Assistance program for the military-free online degrees

Most military branches want you to be active or on reserve in order to qualify for tuition assistance- going to school online is an ideal way to complete your degree. Many online colleges and universities provide a solid educational foundation for people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Last year, the United States had over 1.4 million active military members who offered their skills to support defense. Many of these professionals wanted to expand their education and complete their degree. It comes as no surprise that these professionals also wanted flexibility of scheduling and getting their degrees online is one of the best choices.

The Armed Forces offers soldiers, sailors, marines, guardsman and airmen a variety of options in paying for their education goals, the largest includes paying up to 100% of their tuition costs for college courses they take during their off-duty hours. Each branch of the Military has their own criteria for eligibility depending on factors such as obligated service and so on. In addition, active service members can also use, MGIB “top-up” in addition to their tuition assistance.

Most branches of the military want you on active duty or the reserves to be eligible for tuition reimbursement, except for the marines which requires you to be in active duty in order to receive tuition reimbursement. If you meet the requirements you are eligible for 100% tuition reimbursement for $250.00 per semester credit hour- or $166.00 for a quarter credit hour and if fees do not exceed $4500.00 in a fiscal year. Check with each relevant branch of the military for assistance specifics.

Tuition Top-Up Program-100% of Tuition Paid to Military Personnel

The Tuition Top-Up Program allows GI Bill participants to use the GI Bill to pay for tuition and fees not covered by their tuition assistance program.  This benefit can be equal to the cost difference between the total cost of a college course and the amount the Military will pay for that class. In order to qualify for this program you must be a GI Bill participant, still on active duty, and you must have served a full two years in the military. Furthermore, the tuition assistance program money will not exceed the cost of school. So long as you are planning on using the Top-Up Program while you are still in active duty, you are eligible for the program. If you plan on finishing school when you are done with active duty, make sure to use MGIB tuition assistance. In addition, you can use up to 36 months of payments. For example, if you took a course for 4 months, you have 32 months of payments left.